ExTA enables many new gas applications by overcoming the Vaporization bottleneck

ExTA has commenced sales of its patented solution for vaporizing Liquefied Petroleum Gas - LPG ("Gas") in the storage tanks of heating systems and electrical power plants used in hundreds of thousands of industrial, agricultural and residential applications. The solution is superior to all currently available solutions.

A marketing co-venture agreement has been signed with well-known gas engineering and equipment firm in the USA and has yielded its first order last week. Negotiations are taking place in other areas. 60 units have been sold, installed and tested at sites in Israel and initial installations are being made in the USA.

1 Opportunities in the energy and equipment industries
Most global heating energy consumption is in the form of liquid fuels (200B$/y).Due to environmental and economic reasons, the widespread tendency is to prefer gas. LPG needs vaporization. Current solutions are known to create certain difficulties. The vaporization issue interferes with LPG system applicability. ExTA's product resolves such bottle necks. As a result:

  • ExTA intends to dominate the vaporization solutions market
  • International gas companies should be interested in full control of
  • ExTA's products and technology to gain a competitive advantage in gas sales.

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